Friday, May 7, 2010

Prout April News

Prout April News Bulletin

Summer is arriving and Prout is turning up the heat!

Prout is back from much excitement from the Shanghai Boat Show and the Singapore Boat Show! The shows were very productive and Prout is now busier than ever, building its yachts to more-than-satisfy its experienced and varied clientele.

Breaking records, Prout has successfully infused all three hulls of its innovative sailing trimaran, the PT-138, using epoxy resin. The infusions could not have gone better. Prout's 138 trimaran is destined to be the world's largest sailing trimaran yacht in the world once it is completed.

At the shipyard, the workers are cranking away full speed. Prout has made swift progress on its P-77, a 77 foot catamaran. Exhibiting the finest standards, this yacht is being built entirely out of epoxy as well. Prout has successfully infused this in one single piece without any joints, thereby creating a stronger better structure with less weight. Specifically speaking, Prout's 77 foot hull weighs only 3.7 tonnes in stark comparison to the 12.1 tonnes if it had been completed using a traditional hand lay-up.

Meanwhile, Prout continues fruitful work on its many other projects. Prout will next be at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show and the Australia Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. See you there! Please contact Prout for details or if you have any questions!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big orders

Prout March News Bulletin

As Spring arrives, Prout International is also blooming with exciting news! At the Miami Boat Show in February, Prout debuted its 50 foot sailing catamaran, which was the talk of the show. The 50 was extremely well received by visitors and press alike, for its unique combination of luxury and performance. During the sailing test, the 50 performed exceptionally well, remaining nice and stiff. In 14 knots of true wind gusting to 19, the beauty went up to 9.7 knots and was happy in the nines for most of the sail; the rigging to leeward did not get floppy as it does on most production boats. The 50 is sold through the fall of 2010. It is available for private viewings; please contact us to set up an appointment!

In other news, Prout recently announced the beginning of production of its 67 foot sailing catamaran. This model is already a winner. Prout sold the first three hulls during the Miami Boat Show. The 67 is the best full beam master bedroom catamaran in its class that boasts such luxuries as a spacious salon that seats 23 guests and a vast flybridge (with alfresco sink and grill) that seats 30.

Meanwhile, the first of the 138 Trimarans is being produced! The first of its kind, the 138 Trimaran will be making headlines worldwide in sailing news. Regarding construction, things are progressing very smoothly. The first of the three hulls has been completed, while the center hull and wingdeck are nearing completion. The hulls of the 138 will be completed by the end of this month.

Stay tuned for more exciting news...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Prout International

Sales of catamarans remain brisk, despite signs of a looming recession. Large catamarans continue to be sold worldwide. Of note, sales valued at greater than a million dollars seem sustainable. A 2009 Prout 72SVFS-04 sold for between $2 to $3 million Thailand most recently. Prout also sold a P-45S-05 this quarter. Meanwhile, a 2000 56' Aikane sold for $1.1 million in January, while a 2004 58' Catana sold for $1.6 million in February. Furthermore, the worldwide reach of sales illustrate that catamarans are popular throughout the globe.

In the U.S. alone this year, 14 transactions were recorded between January and March. U.S. sales in January included a 44' Lagoon 440 for $660K, a 44' Lagoon 440 for $540K, a 44' St. Francis Mark II for $405K, a 42' Lagoon for $598K, a 42' Manta for $296K, a 42' Manta MK II for $395K, a 41' Lagoon for $325K, a 40' Manta for $275K, and a 40' TRT Multihull for $160K. In February, a 44' Lagoon 440 for $689K was sold in the U.S. U.S. sales in March comprised of a 47' Alwoplast SA Crowther for $400K, a 47' Robertson and Caine for $265K, a 46' Robertson and Caine for $640K, and a 42' Fountaine Pajot Venezia for $214K.

Another hotspot for catamaran sales was the French West Indies. In January, a 56' Aikane sold for $1.1 million. In February, a 75' Fountaine Pajot sold for $672K, a 58' Catana Catamaran sold for $1.6 million, a 56' Fountain Pajot sold for $869K, and a 41' Lagoon Catamaran sold for $308K. Among other locales in the Caribbean, a 42' Custom Balicat sold for $200K in Trinidad and Tobago (January), a 41' Jeanneau Lagoon 410 sold for $295K in the British Virgin Islands (January), a 47' Lagoon sold for $390K and a 41' Lagoon sold for $397K in St.Maarten (February and March, respectively), a 45' Robertson and Caine sold for $255K in Martinique (February), and a 40' Robertson and Caine sold for $406K in St. Lucia (February).

In Europe, catamaran sales are healthy. France boasted a 43' Outremer Outremer 45' sale for $474K in January, a 50' Custom Class Multi for $395K in February, a 47' Oceanos for $316K in February, and a 45' Leopard for $356K in February. In the UK, a 50' Lerouge Custom sold for $821K in January. In Italy, a 41' Lagoon was sold for $442K in February. In Greece, a 43' Catana 431 went for $490k in March.

Catamaran sales found popularity far and wide; Prout recently sold 3 P-67's in one week. In the Seychelles, in January, a 44' Nautitech sold for $632K. In Australia, in February, a 43' Easton catamaran sold for $414K. In the French Polynesia, in February, a 50' Custom Pulsar Racing boat sold for $788K. In Mexico, in February, a 41' Lauren Williams Custom sold for $104K while a 40' Robertson and Caine sold for $285K. Other catamaran sales include a 41' Lagoon for $200K in January;a 46' Fountaine Pajot Bahia for $472K in February; and a 47' Robertson and Caine for $496K in March.

Clearly, catamaran sales continue at a vigorous clip, notwithstanding the impending recession. It seems like this luxury good's market is sheltered from the weakening economy. For specifics, please find attached listings of late model large catamarans sold between January 1, 2008, and March 30, 2008. If you have any questions or would like a complimentary appraisal on your yacht, email